Keep it Precious
As she lies near death, Susan Ivanova dreams of a future that may be, a future with Marcus Cole, and comes to terms with her own feelings for the Ranger. Spoilers for "Endgame".

Nightmares in Waking
Londo Mollari broods on the hand fate has dealt him (or the hand he's dealt himself) circa "The Fall of Centauri Prime."

In the Wake of Shadows
An observer speaks of darkness and light, of Shadows and Vorlons, of what has gone before and what comes after. They speak of faith and hope, and the things they know, what was then, and the terrible concequences of answering a question posed by a Shadow agent: What do you want?

Saints, Angels, & Vorlons
Delenn reflects upon the Vorlons, secrets, and the fate of Anna Sheridan. Takes place between "Walkabout" and "Shadow Dancing".

Once Upon a Legend
Susan Ivanova rememberes John Sheridan, and the others she knew in the days of Babylon 5, around the events of "Sleeping in Light", and considers the impact of history on herself and her oldest friends.

Confessions of an Ex-Nightwatch Flunky
Zack Allen recalls the events of "In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum", the secrets learned that day, and the pains taken to see that they were kept.

Never to Be Alone in the Dark
Circa Endgame, Entil'Zha Sinclair enables the possibly dying Susan Ivanova to go back in time to the moments before Marcus wakes her on the White Star, there to change one small thing that could change everything.
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Memory in Shadow
Anna Sheridan, what is remembered, and what is forgotten. "No one leaves the same..."

The Catalyst
John was the nexus, but Anna was the catalyst.

The Last Drink
The last drink Anna ever had, she didn't want.

The Wheel of Years
New years, Anna Sheridan, and various types of resolve.

Guilt and Memory
Memory is Anna's guiltitest indulgence.

Dinner With the Past
It's been so long since she's considered anything as mundane as dinner.

Anna used to dream of going back, like everything was the way it had been, as if nothing had ever changed.

Who Are You?
My order is old, and holds many secrets. We believe in solidarity, secrecy, mystery, magic, science, knowledge, good; this is our Code and we follow it as best we can. Sometimes... we do not follow it as well as we should.

What Cannot Be Changed
Of all the things that exist in the universe, time is one thing we cannot touch.

All decisions are important. Some more than others, but in the end all choices matter.

What Remains
Galen's life has been a desert island.

What could you exist without, and still continue to survive?

Lost Dreams
Galen dreamed of saving lives because he had seen too many lost.

To Fire Or To Water
To go to fire is easy; to go to water is much harder.

And Come To Dust
Galen saw too many fall in the years of the Shadow War to think that death cannot come for him before his time.

Wishes Granted
It has been said that you should be careful what you wish for, lest you get it.

The Price of Indulgence
Galen knows more of guilt than of indulgences, and of guilty indulgences he knows next to nothing.

Gifts of Courage, Faith, and Love
For these gifts, unique, priceless, Galen will always be grateful.

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