Like many of the things that have come to take over my life, I stumbled into my obsession with Babylon 5. Actually, it'd be a hell of a lot more honest if I were to say that I fell, quite suddenly and rather unexpectedly. It happened in January of 2001, with an episode called "Racing Mars". It's not the best B5 ep I've seen to date, nor is it my favorite, but it was enough. I laughed at the antics of Stephen Franklin and Marcus Cole, and discovered a kindred spirit in Susan Ivanova. I worried over the fates of these people I'd just met, but who seemed so like old friends. I wondered, I worried, and I watched. And that's just how it's been, ever since. I saw everything from "Racing Mars" onto the series end, and when it came, well...To this day if I need a good cry and the tears won't seem to come, I think of "Sleeping in Light", and the poignant goodbyes of John Sheridan and Delenn. I hadn't, until that moment, been all that interested in their relationship one way or the other- I was a little busy watching Marcus and Susan - but in that moment I saw it, and it was beautiful and sad enough that it still brings tears to my eyes. And I suppose, that's really where I got the name for this site. Delenn speaks fairly often of the place where no shadows fall, and the idea appeals to me- maybe because my own world is pretty damned dark some days. I am haunted by shadows.

But anyway, here we are. You, me, and these obsessions of mine that just won't quit. Everybody needs a hobby, and if I have just one or three or ten too many, so what of it? :)

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