Heart of the Anla'shok: Marcus Cole & Susan Ivanova
There was nothing truly epic about Susan and Marcus's love story that wasn't quite, excepting the magic that is a part of every such tale. There was no grand destiny or prophecy that brought them together, nothing that even came close to doing that. They were only human, good people with good hearts who most of the time were content to skate from disaster to disaster and imerge with life, limb, and of course sanity more or less intact. Forget fighting legends, saving the galaxy, road trips to Z'ha'dum, or hanging with the Vorlons...

The Brightest Star in My Sky: John Sheridan & Delenn
While I find their relationship really quite beautiful, I also find that Sheridan and Delenn are amongst the easiest characters in B5 to mock. I'm never one to let an opportunity for sarcastic commentary go to waste, and as far as that goes, nothing is really sacred.

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